Mathurday is for everyone who wants to improve their Maths skillz and/or help others do so! This is an on-going series of talks/study group meetings, we'll hold them on varying weekdays.

Check out the topics we intend to cover over on the MathLab - if your weak spot is not yet listed, register for an account and then ask any of the people with their names on that site, in person or via IRC. They can add you to the project, so you can add your favorite topics!

As this is math lab, it is a good idea to find some math exercises beforehand, in the subjects of your interest. The exercises don't need to be insanely hard, but they should be something you don't know how to do yet. Hopefully if I don't know either we'll figure it out together.

Planned Mathurdays

  • Saturday, Apr 6th, 1600: linear algebra up to linear transformations
  • soon: Differentiation

Previous Mathurdays

For exercises, helpful links and similar stuff, see MathLab. We also meet up infrequently for exercises and recap.

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