Hackeriet logo competition 2011

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This is where we figure out which logo we want to use!


For your submissions, create your own sub page (e.g. /logo/yournick) and attach your images to that page.


  1. The logo has to be in an open standard vector format (SVG is fine).

  2. The logo has to somehow be related to us, either by name or by activity. We should be able to proudly say "this is our logo"!

  3. The logo must not include any readable/meaningful text, but should look fine when the text "Hackeriet" (or something else) is written next to it.

  4. The logo has to look good and be recognizable and look fine both when very large (e.g. on a big poster or projected on a wall with a laser cannon) and when very small (e.g. as an favicon.ico icon on web page, or when laser-etched into a coffee bean. :)

  5. The logo must look good in two colors (black/white). Rasterizing to get shades of grey is ok. Bonus points if the logo also can be drawn as an outline / line art image. (e.g. with a laser cannon.)

  6. Bonus points for uniqueness, humour and plain old coolness

  7. You may submit as many suggestions as you wish!

  8. You must be willing to license your logo with Creative Commons license that allow all of us to use the logo to represent us. I suggest "CC-BY-SA 3.0 Norway".

  9. Deadline for submissions is around July 31st 2011. (It's a soft deadline, but don't put off the drawing until the last moment. You might still miss your chance! ;)

  10. We'll somehow (together) decide on which one wins sometime in August. Stay tuned!

  11. The winner gets glory and our admiration for all time to come!:D

Voting for a winner (week 39, 2011)

This week we'll decide what will be our logo! (At least until we find a better one ;).

First, take a look at our logo submissions. Then vote!

Here's how we're going to decide:

  • Everyone gets to vote ONCE WITH EMAIL on their two favourite logos: The best one (3 points) and the second-best one (1 point). To do this, send me ONE mail with your IRC nick, and your two votes (example below). If someone has made several logos, pick one of them.

Nick: sjn

Vote: 3 points to http://hackeriet.no/logo/someone

Vote: 1 point to http://hackeriet.no/logo/someoneelse

  • Everyone gets ALSO ONE MORE IRC VOTE. Same procedure, but instead of sending me a mail, you do it on IRC. You don't even have to vote on the same ones! :) Example:

yournick> sjn: I want to vote!

yournick> sjn: 3 points go to http://hackeriet.no/logo/someone

yournick> sjn: 1 point goes to http://hackeriet.no/logo/thatotherlogo

  • Everyone gets ALSO ONE LOGIN VOTE. Same procedure, but you have to post your vote on the bulletin board on our new login server! :) How to do this? Ask on IRC! ;)

  • Everyone gets ALSO ONE MORE SHOW-UP VOTE FOR EACH MEETUP THIS WEEK. Anyone who shows up on our meetups this week (wednesday and saturday), gets to give me in person another vote - same procedure (3 and 1 points), but this time on paper. And yes, if you show up both days, you get to vote twice.

So in total, everyone can get up to 5 votes. The more you're involved, the more say you get. :D

Finally, to make this fair, I'll publish all votes on a google spreadsheet document when we're done on saturday. Also, I will not be voting (since I'm tallying everyone's votes). And finally, your FIRST votes will be the ones that count! Don't bother giving me more than one of each type, since I'll just ignore you :-P

Also, I reserve the right to come with minor corrections. If there'll be any, I'll post them as a reply to this email. :)

-- Salve J. Nilsen (Propaganda guy)

The result (first voting round)

comotion 34%, atluxity 32.1%, phosphorim 27.4%

The winner

alt text

Winner with 3 votes for, and 0 votes against. Voting happened at the saturday meetup at Humla, on 2011-10-08, around 16:00.

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