Ladies' Night at Hackeriet happens the first Wednesday every month!

--> IRC: #stationx on || Webchat
--> Twitter: @stationx_x


  • for women who haven't been to Hackeriet before and want to know what it's all about - without worrying they might be the only woman in a room full of guys
  • to provide a safe learning environment and support group
  • "I never realized the impact of being the only [woman] in the room until I wasn’t." - Martha Kelly

From time to time we will have specials, like workshops.

Date: first Wednesday every month, from 1800
Place: Humla at Hausmania, Hausmanns gate 34, Oslo
Registration: Not required. But if you want to tell us you're coming, sign up on meetup or tweet about it.
Entrance fee: None.

Note: These events are open only to women! Sorry guys. :)

PS: We don't care about chromosomes. If you feel you are a woman, you are.

Planned events

  • July 3rd: Introduction to networks by fnords

Suggestions for future events

  • Rollespill
  • SQL injection 101 (by ln2v)
  • Let's Play! Take advantage of the games on pattie, or come with other suggestions
  • Scala/clojure/... 101 for programmers
  • Hackathon - e.g. improve this website
  • more coding dojos
  • ______________________ [your suggestion here]

Past events

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