Common use Cupcake 3d printer status 02.08.12

  • Fixed issue with clogged extruder head
  • All the insulation was burnt off the heater wire for the extruder, so a temporary fix was made with teflon tape.
  • lowered the Wattage of the heating element with a TP cable resistor so the teflon would not burn off.
  • Mechanically it should be operational.

To do:

  • It had some mental issues when we did the repairs on Wednesday, so this must be figured out. Possibly new firmware on controller boards?
  • There is a lot of loose bolts and stuff like that, so after it is working it should have a good check.
  • Do not use locktite on nuts since the fumes are cryptonite to the plexiglass used in the printer.
  • Make all the cables tidy, so they don't get stuck in some gears.
  • Happy printing :)

Possibly future improvements:

  • Tweak the PID temperature controller for the extruder head to get a more stable temperature, and better prints.
  • Heated build platform. I have never tried printing without it but I think that would be a huge improvement.
  • Do a more permanent fix for the extruder.
  • End stops for automatic homing.

zerox is going back to Mandal, so now someone else has to do the rest. Good luck :)

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