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zen hackeriet

We are an autonomous hackerspace in Oslo.

We do wearables, mechanics, electronics, fabrication, automatisation, creative recycling, socioeconomix, telecomix, 2600 style chipmonk, filtering, bass waves, heavy metal works, language wars, high voltage, biohacking, cypherpunk, cryptoparties, hsync and vsync, radio, code zen, free software, permaculture, social engineering, quantum fiziks, particle bendage and data love.


  • Tuesdays from 1800ish: hacktivities
  • Saturdays from 1600ish: hackurday
  • Thursdays from 1800: Station X

In planning stages

The following events are in planning stage. If you want to see one of these events happen sooner rather than later, get involved!

What is Hackeriet?

This a physical space where people can go to make things, meet others and share knowledge and technology. This is not just about computer programming; Any makers, from ham radio people and electronics geeks to graphics artists and metalworkers are welcome to join up. Bring your own project! In the mean time, why don't you check out our gallery, read about our goals, learn more about hackerspaces on Wikipedia, and get an idea about how many hackerspaces you can find.

Get in touch!

  • Chat with us on IRC! Join our 25/7 irc channel #oslohackerspace on Freenode.
  • Come to our weekly project hacking at our meetups at humla (map) on Tuesdays from 1800 and Saturdays from 16ish. Visit us! No Registration required, just stop by and say hello!
  • Take part in the discussions on our mailinglist.
  • Follow us on twitter @hackeriet
  • CFP - Do you have some knowledge to share?

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